Spectralink DECT Solution

Spectralink meets and exceeds the standards of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) with its user-friendly, full-featured, and applicationenabled wireless mobile handsets and flexible DECT and IP-DECT server solutions.

The Spectralink DECT Portfolio consists of a range of wireless DECT handsets and servers, which provide features and solutions that empower mobile workers across different industries. The modular nature and scalability of the servers make sure that any organization’s needs can be matched. Moreover, all handsets are compatible with each DECT server, making it possible to combine several models in a single wireless system so you can choose the right handset device for each employee based on their
specific requirements and needs.

Choose Spectralink’s DECT solutions because we are the experts in:

  • Application-enabled enterprise mobile workplace solutions
  • Modular, and scalable servers
  • Providing exact handsets for all your business needs
  • Durability and high quality features
  • Third-party integration
  • DECT multi-cell technology that extends the range of voice over even large, complex sites

The Spectralink 7000 Handset Series

The Spectralink 7000 Handset Series supports a broad range of applications from general
office to healthcare, elderly care, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and more. The lightweight handsets are extremely easy to use, require minimal training and are highly durable. The handsets have been designed with exactly the right feature sets and tools to help you do the things you need to – like highest quality voice connections, backlit displays for dimly lit areas, panic button, two-way text messaging and so much more

7000 Series models

Spectralink 76-Series

Key Benefits
• Instant notifications make users aware of potentially hazardous situations
• Lone workers can send alarms in case of emergency
• Notification in case of machine failure reduces production downtime
• Automatic alarms (man down, no movement and running detector) increases personal safety and security

76 Series Product Overview

Spectralink 7532

Key Benefits
• Specialized features for administrative working environments
• Large color screen and intuitive menu structure
• Combines elegance and durability
• Increases productivity and optimizes workflow

7532 Product Overview

Spectralink 7202

Key Benefits
• Delivers exceptional voice quality without any background noise, echo, delay, or interruptions
• Resistant to drops and shocks
• Allows mobile employees to work more efficiently with extended battery life and quick recharging

7202 Product Overview

Spectralink 7000 Portfolio Benefits:

  • Dramatically improve responsiveness and productivity of mobile workers
  • Maximize employee availability using feature rich, reliable and durable devices
  • Increase business efficiency by integrating application systems and business processes with mobile devices
  • Deliver high-quality and secure voice communications across all enterprise environments
  • Leverage investment in circuit-switched or IP/SIP PBX platforms throughout the workplace

The Spectralink DECT Server Series

The Spectralink DECT Server Series includes a range of wireless servers for businesses of all sizes. The Spectralink DECT Servers are flexible and scalable solutions that can be easily integrated with your IP-PBX / UC Call Control platforms. Running on open standards, the Spectralink DECT servers can integrate with a long list of third-party applications and customized to your business need.

The Spectralink DECT Servers

VIP-DECT Server One

Key Benefits

  • Can fulfill in-building wireless telephony needs of up to 4,096 mobile employees plus supports radio coverage with up to 2048 IP-Base Stations
  • Software Only IP-DECT Server Solution designed for VM hypervisor environments
  • Interoperable with market leading Call Control / Unified Communications (UC/UCaaS) platforms
  • Redundancy makes it possible to deploy a Spectralink VIP-DECT Server One solution as a load-balancing cluster of two servers with automatic failover increasing High Availability
  • Provides branch survivability if connection with host UC/UCaaS platform is lost
  • Single centralized web portal for administration and maintenance
  • Supports deployment within enterprise data center to fit IT infrastructure

VIP-DECT Server One Overview

IP-DECT Server 400

Key Benefits

• Designed especially for small to medium sized businesses
• Supports up to 24 simultaneous calls and 60 wireless users
• Can be deployed as a single-cell or a multi-cell solution supporting up to 9 base stations
• The Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400 is a server acting as both a radio unit and a SIP integration unit to the UC platform. Also, it controls and handles all other infrastructure elements in the solution

IP 400 Server Overview

Spectralink IP-DECT Server 6500

Key Benefits

• The Spectralink IP-DECT Server 6500 solution is a rack version that consists of a number of different infrastructure elements which can be assembled in accordance with your exact telephony needs today and in the future
• The modular add-on nature of the IP-DECT Server 6500 makes it an ideal choice for large organizations, enterprises, and fastgrowing businesses
• Excellent choice when you need radio coverage over a large geographical area or to equip a large number of mobile employees with wireless telephony – or both
• With the Spectralink IP-DECT Server 6500 solution you can equip up to 4,096 users with wireless telephony

IP-DECT 6500 Product Overview

Spectralink DECT Server 8000

Key Benefits

• Designed especially for fast growing and large organizations as an extremely scalable and flexible solution
• Combines digital and SIP VoIP interfaces, which allows customers to use the two interfaces
• Supports up to 1,024 simultaneous calls and up to 4,095 wireless users with VoIP interface
• Runs on an open interface, which allows the server to integrate with third-party applications
• The Spectralink DECT Server 8000 has room for 1 CPU card and up to 8 interface cards. Up to 8 servers can be linked, and with a total of 64 slots there are numerous ways of combining base station cards, analog interface card, and VoIP interface card in order to assemble a customized solution

8000 Product Overview

Additional DECT Infrastructure

Spectralink DECT Base Station

Key Benefits

• 4/8 simultaneous traffic channels (32 Kbit/s)
• Option to mount External Antennas to extend coverage where needed
• Frame synchronization via the Spectralink DECT Server
• Fast and easy installation — two wired twisted pair of cables connection to the Spectralink DECT Server
• No external power required — powered from the Spectralink DECT Server directly
• covers a circular area of between 65 and 1,968 ft. (20 to 600 m)

Base Stations Product Overview

Spectralink IP-DECT Base Station

Key Benefits

• Fast and easy installation
• No external power required — powered from the PoE enabled LAN network
• 12 simultaneous traffic channels (32 Kbit/s)
• Interoperates with all Spectralink DECT Servers • Connect an external antenna to extend the coverage

IP-DECT Base Station Product Overview

Spectralink DECT Repeater

Key Benefits
• Wireless – no cabling needed
• Create coverage in a remote area
• Expand coverage in a single cell solution
• Increase coverage in hot spot areas
• 2 or 4 speech channels

Repeater Product Overview

DECT External Antenna

Key Benefits

• Creates a more stable link between the IP-DECT 400 Server, IP-DECT Base Station and Repeater, extending coverage.

External Antenna Product Overview

Digital Base Station Interface Card

Key Benefits
• Connects up to 8 Spectralink DECT Base Stations with the DECT Server 2500.

Media Resource for 6500 IP-DECT Server

Key Benefits
• Supports 30 simultaneous calls and up to 32 Media Resource cards.

Spectralink 7000 Portfolio Benefits:

  • Spectralink 7000 Portfolio is built on the international Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard
  • The Spectralink 7000 Portfolio uses a dedicated wireless network supporting SIP, digital PRI and analog PBX interfaces
  • DECT is the largest European market opportunity (90% by revenue)
  • The Spectralink 7000 Portfolio Servers support solutions from small businesses to enterprise systems with up to 4,096 handsets
  • The Spectralink 7000 Portfolio Servers are scalable add-on solutions to which infrastructure elements can be added as your business grows. This ensures that your solution always matches your wireless needs


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