Why they’ll be interested in Spectralink’s Hospitality Solution


Instantly access guest requests to provide a timely and personalized response
Stay connected 24×7 and cater to tech-savvy travelers
Communicate and collaborate with colleagues to offer a coordinated
guest experience


Reduce costs and increase team member efficiency by automating
task lists and reporting
Enable guests to manage their own experience, at their convenience
Ensure access to data that enables employees to tailor guest services


Enhance experiences by interacting via the same social apps and
mobile channels
Allow guests to connect to services online, send maintenance,
service orders and requests
Support green initiatives with paperless workflows for checkout,
maintenance, etc.

Spectralink Helps Hospitality Deliver Exceptional Guest Experiences

Spectralink solutions mobilize hospitality employees, enabling the delivery of superior customer service to guests 24/7. For your hospitality customers, understanding their needs and preferences, and acting accordingly to help them deliver personalized service is the key to great reviews, repeat business and operational efficiencies. Customer knowledge delivered through Spectralink solutions and purpose-built applications ensure staff can instantly respond to all requests, transforming the guest experience.

Our solutions allow

Improved Customer Service

  • Personalized connection
  • Immediate response to guest inquiries
  • Consistent, quality communications

New Operating Efficiencies

  • Real-time customer insights
  • Optimized resources
  • Designed for busy 24 hour operation

Safety and Security

  • Delivery notifications, or similar events notices
  • Immediate notification of acknowledgement/response
  • Safety assurances for business systems and customer data

With Spectralink, you gain true end-to-end mobility