Why they’ll be interested in Spectralink’s Manufacturing Solution

Made for manufacturing

Durable, easy-to-use handsets with superior voice quality for high-noise environments. Seamlessly integrate to existing telephone systems and will not interfere with sensitive equipment.

Integrate Seamlessly with Third Party Applications

Move product through the supply chain with real-time communication around-the-clock for on-time delivery. Long battery life, talk time and durability ensure that communication access is always available.

Emergency Response

If accidents happen in the production area, even from remote parts of the loading docks–all  employees have easy access to emergency alerts. Emergencies can be broadcast at a push of a button.

Streamline inventory movement

Forklift operators can stay in touch when retrieving inventory, and notify staff when inventory is out of stock. Loading dock staff can ensure order accuracy and prompt delivery using barcode scanning.

Better Customer Service

Customer service personnel can provide faster response and order status updates with access to immediate answers inventory systems, warehouse or managers.

Troubleshoot Problems Instantly

Maintenance personnel can be reached immediately and technicians can continue to work on machinery while at the same time give directions to other staff from their headsets.

Spectralink Helps Manufacturers Reduce Downtime and Time-to-Market

Spectralink enterprise phone solutions are uniquely designed to cut response times, minimize production downtime, and improve overall manufacturing and production plant efficiency and productivity.

We understand that any delay can decrease output and waste labor resources, directly impacting your bottom line, not to mention your reputation. Our unique solutions integrate wireless systems with production monitoring equipment so communications are streamlined throughout the facility no matter where users are—even in environments covering millions of square feet across multiple buildings, or in difficult coverage areas. We even offer push-to-talk capabilities to support group calling, so there are no weak links or miscommunications.

Hundreds of industrial facilities depend on Spectralink for the most durable, lightweight, feature-rich and cost-effective wireless solutions available. Maximizing uptime by using an enterprise mobile solution has never been faster, easier, or more direct.

Our solutions allow

On-time Delivery of Quality Products

  • Increased visibility with integration of key business systems
  • Accurate production-level reporting
  • Remote access to critical plant floor data
  • Seamless communication across the organization

Operational Efficiency

  • Analytics that gauge equipment effectiveness
  • Data collection at the machine, team and plant level
  • Robust supply chain management tools
  • Real-time supplier traceability

Meeting Compliance and Security

  • Tracking of machine-level compliance
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Optimized field service calls and response

With Spectralink, you gain true end-to-end mobility