Why they’ll be interested in Spectralink’s Retail solution

Enhance Customer Experience

With Spectralink, employees now have faster access to more product information, which allows them to provide consultative selling to customers. Retail associates and managers can spend more time on the selling floor because inventory management and stock checks can be made via text or voice communication with warehouse personnel.

Ensure Safety For Employees And Customers

Safety within the store is key to ensuring a good customer experience while optimizing workflow efficiencies. The ability to quietly notify security personnel of risks through secure messaging applications provides them with required information while maintaining a quiet store environment.  Spectalink devices include safety features such as panic and built in motion detectors and push-to-talk (PTT) capability.

Manage Stock Efficiently

Spectralink solutions keep critical inventory information and content flowing among employees to ensure efficiency in the entire workstream, from the time inventory is received in the warehouse to the time it is shelved in the stores and ultimately delivered to the customer. A breakdown in communication or hand-off between these workflows can be expensive to a company’s bottom line, and detrimental to the customer experience. A built-in barcode scanner is essential for precise tracking of inventory movement.

Improve Communications

Spectralink’s solutions offer proprietary VQO (Voice Quality Optimization), resulting in clear communication without dropped calls. This ensures that customers experience a fast, easy communication flow with retailers. Further, employees are able to communicate clearly and efficiently to meet a customer need and to increase workflow efficiencies throughout the inventory management process.

Reduce Shrinkage

Spectralink devices improve the communication flow about where products are at any point in time. This allows employees to see quickly if a product is not where it is supposed to be and identify shrinkage. Managers can then implement measures to monitor employees and customers and implement programs to reduce theft, fraud and shoplifting without alerting customers to the situation.

Integrate Seamlessly with Third-Party Solutions

Spectralink, combined with third-party apps, ensures that retailers can use existing applications, so employees always have access to promotional pricing, product information and customer information anywhere on the selling floor. When employees have this information, they are able to  provide the best pricing, help the customer, and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

Spectralink Helps Retailers Compete with Industry-leading Mobility

Spectralink can help ensure reliable communications throughout the retail value chain. With our network coverage and voice quality, we can help them enable their employees with mobility at any point in their business without losing connectivity with colleagues or external callers. Warehouse and stocking functions will appreciate the reliability and durability of our handsets. In addition, our barcode scanning capability facilitates the tracking and routing of inventory through the supply chain.

Our solutions allow

Building Brand Loyalty and Affinity

  • Improved customer experience
  • Personalized, in-store assistance
  • Faster, easier checkout
  • Convenient delivery options

Improving Operating Efficiencies

  • Real-time customer insights
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Simplified task management
  • Improved product visibility

Fueling Sales Growth

  • Customer convenience – more purchase, delivery options
  • Tailored conversations and offers
  • Endless aisle across the supply chain
  • Merged omni-channel experience

With Spectralink, you gain true end-to-end mobility

Designed specifically for Retail, Spectralink’s mobility solutions help to improve employee and customers satisfaction with: