Versity – the savviest smartphone for your enterprise


Designed for the way you work, Versity allows you to manage tasks and teams easily, at the office or on the go. You get all the power, performance and functionality of an enterprise-grade device with the sleek look and feel of a personal smartphone.

Spectralink Versity helps your clinical teams:

• Coordinate patient care across a wide array of care team members
• Gain real-time access to patient information such as vital signs, dietary needs, medication information, and pain scores
• Enable HIPAA-compliant secure text messages when exchanging sensitive patient information
• Update patient information at the point of care, and spend more valued time with the patients
• Respond faster and more efficiently to critical alerts
• Access lab results for faster diagnostics and care
•  Get the right information instantly with access to clinical applications and systems
• Improve staff visibility and connectivity
• Centralize alerts and notifications
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Spectralink Versity helps your associates:

• Empower associates to communicate and access information from anywhere
• Look up real-time inventory data to reduce out-of-stock instances
• Manage in-store tasks and monitor completion
• Respond to customer inquiries quickly, efficiently and accurately in-store or call-ins
• Transact with customers on the store floor, with mobile POS
• Offer promotions at the point-of-sale for upsell and cross sell opportunities
•  Receive floor alerts and mobilize “associates” to assist
• Check inventory and place orders with convenient delivery options
• Coordinate staff to enable a seamless BOPIS experience
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Spectralink Versity enables hospitality employees to:

• Instantly access guest requests to provide a timely and personalized response
• Stay connected 24×7 and cater to tech-savvy travelers
• Communicate and collaborate with colleagues to offer a coordinated guest experience
• Reduce costs and increase team member efficiency by automating task lists and reporting
• Enable guests to manage their own experience, at their convenience
• Ensure access to data that enables employees to tailor guest services
• Enhance experiences by interacting via the same social apps and mobile channels
• Allow guests to connect to services online, send maintenance, service orders and requests
• Support green initiatives with paperless workflows for checkout, maintenance, etc.
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Versity Benefits

Spectralink provides superior voice quality, data messaging and collaboration tools to ensure critical mobile workers can do their job.

Versity replaces one or more devices with a single, familiar form factor device

• At just 12mm thick, Versity delivers the sleekest, lightest enterprise smartphone on the market
• An Android operating system looks and works just like you would expect

Critical enterprise employees stay connected and understood, all the time

• Best in class Wi-Fi coverage and proprietary Voice Quality Optimisation (VQO) ensure constant voice and data connectivity
• Truly hot swappable batteries mean uninterrupted use

Full support of your business workflows

• Integration with the industry’s largest ecosystem of application partners across multiple Enterprise verticals

Purpose designed for harshest enterprise environments

• Highly resistant to dust, drops and liquid, Versity happily works where consumer devices fail
• Fully integrated barcode scanner version for those who need that functionality
• Customisable Push-to-talk, Alarm and Scan buttons enables lone, mobile workers to quickly summon help, and offers security


  • 5.2” 1080×1920 display
  • Fast, accurate integrated barcode scanner
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (including Bluetooth LE)
  • 13MP rear camera with grid capability
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • SAFE features (Alarm button, motion detection)
  • Enterprise-grade security to minimize compliance risks
  • Customizable Push to Talk, Alarm and Scan buttons
  • Damage resistant, Gorilla glass touch screen
  • Reinforced frame, drop tested 78 1.5m on steel plate
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Real-Time System Location (RTLS)



Streamlined design with slimmer profile.



Dedicated, industrial-strength barcode scanner.

Choose Spectralink’s Versity solution because:

  • Experts in Wi-Fi Voice
     Spectralink delivers optimized voice for clear, consistent, reliable voice communication  over Wi-Fi across portfolio
  • Integration & Connectivity Certification
    with call control platforms and Wi-Fi networks
  • Partner Application Ecosystem

    to support a wide variety of mission-critical apps for mobile workers

  • Enterprise-Grade Service and Support
    with SpectraCare and support services
  • Investment Protection
    and lower TCO with durability and support programs designed for challenging enterprise environments


Product Brochures

Designed for the way you work, Versity allows you to manage tasks and teams easily, at the office or on the go. You get all the power, performance and functionality of an enterprise-grade device with the sleek look and feel of a personal smartphone. – click here to find out more:  Versity Product Overview

Versity, a next-generation solution that delivers on every front with streamlined workflows and secure communications for your healthcare facility. – click here to find out more:  Versity Healthcare Brochure

Purpose-built for the way retail associates work, Versity solutions easily integrate with your existing communication tools and retail applications to empower associates, streamline workflows and improve store performance. – click here to find out more: Versity Retail Brochure

Versity solutions provide access to secure guest data, applications, real-time response analytics and clear staff communication to enable service excellence and staff productivity. – click here to find out more: Versity Hospitality Brochure

Review of all the available Versity Accessories to accompany your smartphone solution, from shatter-proof screen protections to multi-charging docking stations, we have everything you need – click here to find out more: Versity Accessories Brochure

SAM enables advanced application management for Spectralink Versity. – click here to find out more: Spectralink Application Management Brochure

Feature comparison on Versity for the COP file enabled versus 3rd party SIP – click here to find out more: Feature Configuration and test summary


With Wi-Fi telephone, there is always a concern relating to voice quality and connectivity, when the solution is also operating other applications. At Spectralink we ensure voice quality via Wi-Fi – click here to find out more: Spectralink VQO Brochure

Customer Presentations

Discover what Spectralink Versity solution can offer you or your customers by viewing this in-depth Customer Presentation, answering all the questions you may have. Download today, and start your smartphone journey – Versity, an Enterprise Smartphone Solution Presentation

Purchase Guides & Pricing

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Success Stories

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